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Title: Unique Table Favors for UK Weddings: Delightful Gifts That Leave a Lasting Impression

Table favors are a thoughtful way to express gratitude to your wedding guests for sharing in your special day. While food and alcohol are commonly used options, there are plenty of creative alternatives available for UK weddings. In this article, we explore unique table favor ideas that go beyond edibles, allowing you to surprise and delight your guests with memorable keepsakes. We've also included supplier names, websites, and price ranges to help you find the perfect favors for your budget.

1. Personalized Keepsakes:
   - Supplier:
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: £1 - £5 per favor
   - Description: Personalized favors such as keyrings, magnets, or mini photo frames can be customized with the couple's names and wedding date.

2. Plantable Seed Packets:
   - Supplier: Wildflower Favours
   - Website: [
   - Price Range: £1.50 - £3 per favor
   - Description: Seed packets containing wildflower or herb seeds allow guests to cultivate their own blooms, serving as a symbol of your love that grows over time.


3. Scented Candles:
   - Supplier: The Natural Candle Company
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: £3 - £10 per favor
   - Description: Scented candles in elegant tins or jars offer a luxurious and relaxing gift for guests to enjoy at home.


4. Personalized Coasters:
   - Supplier: Notonthehighstreet
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: £3 - £10 per favor
   - Description: Customized coasters with the couple's names, wedding date, or a meaningful design provide practical and personalized keepsakes.


5. Eco-friendly Tote Bags:
   - Supplier: Ethical Market
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: £2 - £6 per favor
   - Description: Reusable and eco-friendly tote bags with a beautiful design or a personalized message encourage sustainability and serve as a practical reminder of your wedding.


6. Mini Potted Plants:
   - Supplier: Bloombox Club
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: £3 - £8 per favor
   - Description: Mini potted plants, such as succulents or air plants, bring a touch of greenery to guests' homes and serve as living reminders of your wedding day.


7. Personalized Enamel Pins:
   - Supplier: Etsy
   - Website: [
   - Price Range: £2 - £8 per favor
   - Description: Custom enamel pins featuring wedding-related designs, initials, or unique symbols can be worn as fashionable accessories.


8. Charity Donation Cards:
   - Supplier: Cancer Research UK
   - Website: []
   - Price Range: Suggested donation amount per favor
   - Description: Donation cards indicating that a charitable contribution has been made

 on behalf of each guest add a meaningful touch to your wedding and support a worthy cause.

Remember to consider your wedding theme, personal preferences, and the overall aesthetic when selecting table favors. Whether it's a personalized keepsake, a living plant, or a meaningful donation, these unique gifts will leave a lasting impression on your guests, expressing your gratitude for their presence on your special day.

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